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fansforfans's Journal

A Community For Fans With Mental Illnesses
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Support group for fans with mental illness and anxiety
This community is meant to be a supportive, friendly space for fans with mental illness, anxiety disorders, and other mental and emotional issues. We want this to be a place to vent, talk, share things that help, and to have happy posts with our favorite things in it.

The plan right now is to have a weekly "check-in" post where people can talk about how they're doing. Also weekly fun fannish picspams, and a weekly promo post. Others can make posts about other mental illness support/fannish topics: books you find helpful, treatments, medications, how mental illness is portrayed in fandom/media, ect.

Community Rules:
Everybody play nice: This community is to show support and care for each other. No personal attacks or insults against other members will be tolerated. If you are having a problem with another member, settle it somewhere else or tell me.

No fanwars: No "my fandom is better than your fandom", no snarking about other fandoms or fannish comms, and no ship wars! Thank you.

What happens in the comm stays in the comm: We want everyone to feel comfortable saying whatever they need to. It is important that it stay here. No gossiping. Copy-pasting any personal info from here somewhere else will result in an automatic ban.

No hotlinking: We want pretty picspams for our cheer up posts, but make sure you don't take bandwidth!

Please cut triggering material: Subjects like self-harm, eating disorders, violence, or suicidal thoughts/attempts will need to be put behind an lj-cut and warned for.

Be respectful of other's treatment methods: Some people only use mainstream medication and therapy. This is okay. Some people use alternative therapies with or instead of mainsteam ones. This is okay too. Some people are atheist, some believe in prayer or meditation. We're all going to be here together, so let's not fight each other on these issues. Discussion is fine, but this goes back to "no insults".

There will be one fanfic/fanart promo post a week: And discussion of fanworks (and how our conditions affect making it) are always okay. But all works themselves will go into weekly promo posts.

NSFW stuff goes behind a cut: And NSFW icons cannot be used. Sorry, but it's for the best!

And this one suggested to me by a friend and comm member:
Support is to be shared. It's not up to any one person to make sure that everyone is all right. We all support each other. (This rule is largely for me, so I don't neglect myself in the process of wanting to help others. Obviously, however, it can apply to us all!)

Disclaimer: this is a support group of non-professionals. This is NOT a substitute for professional help, or a diagnostic tool. We're just people who want a safe space to vent, laugh, help and hang out.

Thank you for checking us out, and I hope you can enjoy/be helped by this community.