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A Community For Fans With Mental Illnesses
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... but kind of follows on from i_amthecosmos of yesterday. One of my biggest issues whether I'm depressive or not is energy management. If I'm depressed I'm usually sleeping too much and if I'm not I tend to be dealing with whacked out sleeping pattens and insomnia.

One of the best coping methods I've found for making sure I get things done is 'habits' ie I do certain things at certain times of the day every day, or as I work full time, certain things at certain times at the weekend.

And that way I know things get done, like for example I put the washing on, put clothes out to dry and fold the laundry every morning at about 6.30am on a week day. Every Saturday morning first job after getting up, tea & meds, email and dressed is cleaning the bathroom - usually somewhere between 8-8.30am.

And what that lets me do is manage my spoons in such away that I know, except on a really bad day, I'll probably manage all my tasks. It doesn't necessarily stop me falling in a heap and not being able to concentrate come 7.30 in the evening. But at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that everything is done that should be done. *smiles* And on those days I have more spoons then I don't have to use them up on every day things and can spend some time on me stuff or stuff with the hubby.

Oh, and for those of you that don't know about 'spoons' though I'm pretty sure you all do.

The Spoon Theory is probably the most useful tool I've ever come across for explaining what it's like to live with chronic condition of any kind. I even gave a copy to my councilor at one point when I was in therapy *g*

*goes back to lurking*
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